Faith & Perseverance

Life can be hard. Things happen. Things change. The unexpected hits us when we are least expecting it. All of the sudden, when we are not looking and the hand of life knocks us aside and churns us like a river gone wild. How do we get through such an experience? How do we come to grips with the tumultuous current that we are caught in and swim to safety?

Our journey has been through some dark and challenging times, and then onward to find contentment and joy. Our hope is that the lessons learned along our way will help you find the courage needed to press forward into a brighter day. There can be joy in the journey and peace in the process. Let us show you how.

Life can be good. Even when it's hard. cool

Dan & LaNae are the parents of four amazing children who have been by their side to not only survive the challenges they faced, but grew to THRIVE in the journey of life. As a family, they have traveled far and wide – from the Alps in Switzerland to the ruins in Mexico, each time finding creative ways to ensure that Dan was able to enjoy the journey with them. Together, they have canoed rivers, kayaked in oceans and climbed the Great Wall of China. They live by the motto that life can be good, even when it's hard.

LaNae is the author of the upcoming memoir about their life journey together.

She is also a contributing author in The Road Ahead, by Jane Seymour and Success Breakthroughs with Jack Canfield.





The Blog
  • The DAY my kids CARRIED ME!

    The DAY my kids CARRIED ME! As parents, we nurture and carry our kids through the early years of life. We do our best to lift them up when they are down, and cheer them on to be the best they can be. If they fall and bruise a knee, we are there to help them […]

  • Our First Radio Interview!

    Our First Radio Interview!  We had our first radio interview today! (at least LaNae did and she’s the only one that can talk…)  It was on the Ed Tyll Show on the Starcom Radio Network. LaNae is writing a book titled “Smile Your Way Thru”.

  • Some Miracles Take Time….

    ​Some Miracles Take Time…. Over the last few months, we have had several experiences that have reinforced this concept. Dan and I met our daughter at a car shop for some repairs. While waiting for the repairs to be completed, we shared the waiting room with a woman that worked with Dan several years earlier. […]

Hard Gets EasierJoy can be found even in the hardest of journeys.

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